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Toucan Technology Group (formerly MeritWorks) has a long history helping organizations just like yours. We listen closely and find solutions to tackle our clients’ challenges head-on because every project is mission critical to them no matter the size.  We invite you to stop by booth #2309 for a personal conversation about your needs and how we will meet them.

Toucan Technology Group (TTG) has been working with all types of businesses with specialized needs since inception more than a decade ago. Over that time, our clients’ needs have evolved, and as such, we’ve evolved with them. If you have a technology need, we’re ready to talk to you about how we can solve that need.

Backup Continuity & Disaster Recovery

TTG manages not only your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) systems implementation, but also BCDR environment testing. As a managed service provider, we utilize Datto BCDR to backup restorable images and files. This comprehensive backup system includes:

  • Secure Cross-Platform Data Protection
    • Our product of choice is SIRIS, the secure data protection solution built for MSPs to protect their client data on all hardware from servers to virtual machines.
    • Enhanced security protection two-factor authentication and the immutable Datto Cloud to deliver the all-in-one solution for backup and recovery in a ransomware world.
  • Exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense
    • Deleting backups either accidentally or maliciously mean should never mean you can’t recover. With Cloud Deletion Defense we can undelete what should never have been deleted in the first place.
  • Inverse Chain Technology
    • Through inverse chain technology, we fundamentally change the way backup and recovery is done. With it, every incremental snapshot can be a fully constructed recovery point.
  • 100% Recovery Confidence
    • What good is a backup if you can’t restore? With SIRIS it starts with backups that are verified at multiple levels including patented Screenshot Verification.
    • Verifications happens not just the machine’s ability to boot-up but also application accessibility. Patented ransomware scanning delivers peace-of-mind that client data is not compromised.

Hardware Solutions

Every business, municipality and non-profit has different hardware needs. As partners with many companies, including Dynabook, Dell, Sonicwall, Cisco and Getac, we offer not only laptops and desktops for everyone in the organization, but also rugged laptops for those in the field who need durable hardware. Because security is one of our specialties, you can be assured that your hardware is protected from malware, viruses and other cyberattacks. We also offer secure data backup for recovery should a machine become infected, damaged or lost.

TTG Security Suite

Security, no matter your industry, is of utmost importance. And, because many industries have different back-up regulation, it’s not always easy to find what you need at a cost that fits your budget and meets the letter of the law. It’s even harder when you need help restoring the information when you don’t have a technology partner who is just a phone call away. Toucan Technology Group offers their security suite that complies with all industry Business Continuing Disaster Recovery (BCDR) requirements.

POTS Replacement

In the coming years the copper telephone infrastructure that older phones utilize is being decommissioned. That means countless elevators, phone systems, emergency call boxes, panic buttons and similar equipment may no longer function. Toucan Technology Group offers a Multi-WAN connected system that is NFPA 72 code compliant.


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    Our Getac Rugged Laptop Winner was Deputy Fire Chief Mark Terry of the Gary Fire Department!

    Getac Rugged Laptop winner FDIC 24

    Why Choose Toucan

    We understand that many companies, but especially municipalities, have technology budgets that seem to shrink year after year. As a small business, we have the ability to create solutions that meet your needs and stay in your budget. Our experience and continuing education ensure that we know what we’re doing and solve your technology issues fast and efficiently. Of course, the partnerships we’ve made help us act as a large company while still providing the personal services of a small business. Looking to talk in person? Visit us at booth 2309 on the show floor.

    Toucan Technology Group and FDIC logos

    Although this is our first year at FDIC, this is not our first venture with municipalities, government organizations or non-profits. Toucan Technology Group (formerly MeritWorks) has a long history helping organizations just like yours. We listen and find solutions. There are no jobs we deem too big or too small. We invite you to stop by our booth #2309 inside the convention center for a personal conversation about your needs & how we can help.

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    Let us help create a custom solution to meet your hardware, technology and services needs today. We are happy to talk on the phone, via video call or respond to any RFP you may have. If you’re local to the Indianapolis, IN area we’re available to meet in person anytime and offer our full suite of services. Call (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form today.

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