Security of your business’s data is key to your operations. Just because you’re not protecting national security doesn’t mean your business’s data security isn’t as important as anyone else’s. In fact, if your business data is compromised, it could cost you time, money or even your business. As a managed service provider, we help businesses every day with their data security.

It Starts with Education

If your staff isn’t educated about cybercrimes, they’re more likely to make a mistake that impacts your business security. Most people know not to tell just anyone sensitive information about accounts and other things, however, there are still countless businesses who get hacked through links and downloads in official looking emails.

Network & Data Security are Next

Your staff alone can’t protect your business. If you don’t have a secure network for your employees and a separate one for your guests, you need to considering working on upgrading yours. A layered security approach can help stop cyber criminals from getting onto your network and into your data. Of course, updating software and operating systems regularly should be high on your list of standard practices. Patches and updates often contain updates to vulnerabilities.

Usernames & Passwords

One of the most easily hacked usernames is “user” another is “admin.” If any program, online tool or computer has the default username, change it. And, although many businesses use just a first name, that’s not always a great idea either. A better option is first initial and last name or first few letters of each the first and last names. Everyone talks much more about passwords. And, even with a non-standard user name, strong and unique passwords, are essential. Consider multiple factor authentication and data encryption software to increase your business’s data security.

Not Sure About Your Network or Data Security Strength?

If you have concerns about your business’s online safety, call Toucan Technology Group. Whether you’re looking to learn more about how to strengthen your network security or establish secure data backup call (317) 376-4874 today. We’ll schedule an appointment and share with your our many services and let you know what we can do to help ensure your data is safe and your business would survive a data breach.

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