It’s been a month since we stepped in as Washington Township’s IT provider. If you’re a resident or a local business, that means that we’re helping you. It’s our goal to ensure that communications and technology between the township facilities and you work seamlessly.

Why We’ve Stepped In

Although we were not the company who won the bid back in 2021 when Washington Township requested bids for the job, we have stepped in. A representative from Washington Township reached out to us as they did not feel that the metrics promised in from the previous company were being delivered. And, when fire stations, township administrative offices and various park facilities are not able to communicate effectively, everyone suffers.

What We’re Doing

Effective communication starts with a good IT infrastructure. Since we took over March 1, we’ve been evaluating, updating and sometimes re-installing the basics for good communication. If you’ve heard of Toucan Technology Group or spoken with us previously, we preach that a secure network and quality data backup is essential for every business. And, although you may not think of Washington Township as a business, it is. Just like your business or companies you buy from, there is an expectation of privacy, security and safety of your data. As Washington Township’s IT provider, we’re working to bring everything up to our standards for your safety and security.

How Our Services Impact You

If you are a resident or a local business, we’re serving you. As the township’s motto is, “Your Quality of Life is Our Business”, we like to say that the quality and security of data and communication is our business. We are excited for this opportunity to serve the township as the IT provider and take the job very seriously.

Are You Looking for an IT Provider?

We can help your business too. Our services are available on a contract, like we’re doing as Washington Township’s IT provider, or on an hourly as needed basis. We also offer many services such as Wi-Fi testing, VoIP system installation and management, website design and SEO management, secure data backup and other services on an a la carte basis. Call us to schedule your free consultation to learn how we can help your business as your IT provider or with any other technology needs. Reach us at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form.

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