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Rarely do we find that two businesses have the same hardware needs. In fact, it’s unusual to find two departments in the same company with the same needs. That’s where Toucan Technology Group comes in. Our knowledgeable staff gets to know your business and current needs then helps you choose the right tools, not only for today, but for the future.

Secure Wi-Fi Network Design

Custom Business Class Hardware

Whether you’re a new small business needing just a few laptops or desktops or a municipality with a wide variety of hardware needs, Toucan has the partnerships to provide the right machines for your needs.

The hardware suppliers we’ve partnered with allow for custom configurations. That ensures that your office, staff and vehicles have the right hardware to be productive. Some of our hardware offerings include:

  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Rugged Laptops
  • Laptop Vehicle Mounts
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP)

ECSE wi-fi testing and design certifiedDon’t Let Your Wi-Fi Interrupt Work

 When your Wi-Fi drops, has dead spots or can’t accommodate your staff, you lose productivity. As an ECSE certififed business we can test your current network or design a new one depending on your needs.   When you trust us with your Wi-Fi network, you can be assured that we’ll test for both reach and reliability and then design a network to support your staff, customers and vendors.

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Talk to our experts. Tell us what you do and what you needs and we’ll custom configure business class hardware. Whether you need all desktops, laptops, rugged laptops or a combination, we have solutions. As an Indianapolis owned and operated managed services provider, we offer much more than just business class hardware sales and implementation. Call us to learn more and schedule your no obligation consultation at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form today.

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    Why Choose Toucan for Your Hardware Needs

    We aren’t a call center halfway around the world. Toucan’s staff are experts in IT. We know that the right machines for your business isn’t necessarily what another business needs. When you call us to talk about your hardware needs, we ask questions. We get to know your business today and where you hope to be in the next few years. Once we have that information, we can make our recommendations and do so within your budget. We have strong partnerships with leading manufacturers so the business class hardware your buy from us has the right configurations often at the same or better price point than a big box store.

    Before we install your machines or ship them to your remote staff, we configure them and install any software you’ve requested. Your machines are ready for work. And, because we’re more than just a hardware provider, we can install cybersecurity and backup tools that you need and want.

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