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“…an invaluable asset that has contributed to our success and growth.

The team at Toucan has serviced our IT needs for several years.  This has included the installation and implementation of new industry specific software that required special hardware requirements.  This software has to be maintained and updated on a regular basis.  Our main tech, Drew invested his time in learning about the software in order to be able to make the transition as easy as possible for ICC.  He has worked to keep our computer/IT needs upgraded as we have grown from a company with 10 employees to a company with almost 50 employees.  We never have to worry about maintenance or ordering any IT equipment and software.  He is always readily available whenever anyone from ICC runs into any kind of computer problem/question from spyware to spilling water on a computer!  He is always on the lookout for software programs that will integrate with our business to create a quicker, easier, smoother way to keep in touch with our customers and our industry.  Drew and his team makes sure that any purchase he makes on behalf of ICC Floors whether it’s hardware or software is economically the best decision.  He is an invaluable asset that has contributed to the success and growth of ICC Floors. 

Jeanne C.

ICC Floors/ICC Paint & Decor

“…one of the finest and most dependable choices for all your IT needs.”

To say how I feel about Toucan Tech would take pages and not sentences, but here goes – they have been our IT resource since 2007 (when they were MeritWorks). He has saved our company from several disasters, starting from the moment we met and has continued to service our computer issues with a speedy response. It is our pleasure to endorse this company as one of the finest and most dependable choices for all your IT needs.

Becky H.

Thomas McHugh Company

“Their knowledge and problem solving skills are excellent.”

Toucan Tech has helped us in many ways. They’re always fast to respond, but always take time to make sure that the problem is completely fixed. I appreciate how they work to save us money when recommending a new piece of hardware or software. Their knowledge and problem solving skills are excellent.

Beth V.

Logical Organization

“…makes our IT system run like clockwork”

Drew Callard has provided Williams Creek with exceptional service for over 10 years. His prompt response to issues and his continual proactive foresight makes our IT system run like clockwork. He knows more about the database we use than we do!

April H.

Williams Creek Consulting


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