No matter what type of business you have, chances are good that some of your business is online. Whether you sell online, use electronic bookkeeping and invoicing or just communicate with customers through email, your network, computers and data are essential to your business productivity and success. Because of that, redundancy is essential for many businesses. For some network redundancy is essential. Other businesses feel that data backups for redundancy is enough.

What Does Redundancy Mean?

In its simplest terms, redundancy is duplication of function, system or data. It’s there as a backup in case your primary system breaks down. There are many different types of redundancy.

  • Network redundancy – Businesses who must have internet access in order to operate often have two internet providers for network redundancy. Network redundancy can also be a second wired network or a wireless network to back up the wired one in event that it fails.
  • Information redundancy – When your data is backed up in more than one place, that’s information redundancy. Some industries require secure back-up of data. Sometimes a business owner knows that the value of their information is worth having accessible no matter what so they back it up through multiple channels.
  • Hardware redundancy – You’ve likely heard the term “backup server” that’s one example of hardware redundancy. However, it’s also as simple as having an extra laptop ready to loan out to a staff member whose device is hacked, damaged or fails.

Information, Hardware & Network Redundancy Should Be Part of Your Operations Budget

Yes, there is an expense involved in redundant systems. However, some elements, like hardware, only require a one-time purchase (until it’s time for an upgrade). Other things, like information storage for data redundancy requires ongoing fees. We recommend you think about the difference redundant systems by asking yourself these three questions.

  1. Would my business survive if my network failed? Or, what much would we lose as far as income, productivity and customers?
  2. What would happen if I could not recover my business data due to malware, a hack or ransomware? Would my business survive? Would my customers trust me again if their data were lost or stolen?
  3. What is the impact on my business if my server goes down? How many staff members am I willing to pay to sit and not work because their computer won’t work?

The answers to those questions gives you an idea of what redundancy is worth to your business. If you’re ready to find out how much what you need will cost your business annually, call Toucan Technology Group. We offer free consultations and can help you understand the areas where redundancy would benefit your business today and as it grows. Call (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation today.


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