Before the internet, we communicated in person, on the phone or through paper memos passed from one person to review and approve to another. Information may have occasionally been misplaced, but rarely lost or stolen. Today there are many solutions companies use to communicate and share information. Some have a meeting in person or online. Some use Software as a Solution (SaaS) and others attach a document or a link to a document in a group email. If you’re utilizing any of the options that are online, you should have a system in place that backs up your files and data.

Just Because It’s in the Cloud, Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

Among the most popular places to store and access a document are Google Drive and Dropbox. And, because these are tools accessed with a password and in the cloud, most people feel they are a secure and viable option. Although they may work for some projects, they’re not the best option. Even data in the cloud can be lost (yes, even by Google). Those options also don’t allow for true collaboration. They work much the same way the old memo envelope did. Each person must approve the changes or make suggestions before passing it off to the next team member otherwise you end up with many versions of the same document, none of which take into account everyone else’s ideas.

Microsoft Teams is a Better Solution

If you are already utilizing Microsoft 365 you have access to Teams. We’ve all heard the expression “Well that meeting should have been an email.” Except often an email alone won’t really work. And, a meeting isn’t and effective or productive use of time either. With teams you can create a shared channel and allow the various team members to collaborate online together or separately. You can have a video/audio call while you review a document together or each invited team member can review when they have time and comment on other’s changes/suggestions. Microsoft Teams seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft products like OneNote, Word and Excel (to name a few) as well as more than 25 non-Microsoft products including SurveyMonkey, Hootsuite and Zendeck.

Software as a Solution Still Isn’t Perfect

Software as a Solution (SaaS) still has limitations and sometimes you do need an in-person meeting. It also isn’t failsafe. Data goes missing from the cloud regularly. Yes, even Google Drive – don’t believe us, read this Reddit thread. If you are already utilizing SaaS like Office 365, you need to work with your managed service provider on a backup plan. Depending on your business, you may want your data backed up once to several times a day. Just because something is “in the cloud” doesn’t mean it’s safe from hackers, ransomware, viruses or even vengeful ex-employees. If you read the terms and conditions, you’ll find that rarely does an SaaS guarantee data protection. Mostly they state that they are responsible for uptime and availability of their application. You and you MSP must protect your data, whether in the cloud or locally stored, with a reliable backup solutions and recovery plan.

Toucan Technology Group Utilizes Datto SaaS Protection

As an MSP, Toucan has chosen to partner with Datto to help protect our customer’s data. Whether your business utilizes SaaS exclusively or you have a server on site, we can help ensure that your data can be recovered in the event something happens. We backup our customers’ data multiple times each day in Datto’s private cloud including Microsoft Teams’ private and shared channels. Whether you have an IT person on site who handles your day-to-day support technical support needs and just want Toucan to provide your business with safe and secure data backup or you need more of our managed services, call us today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll get to know your business and make recommendations as to which of our services could benefit your business today and for years to come. Call (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form today.

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