It’s unlikely that you actually test your elevator phones. During the annual inspection, however, they are part of the re-certification. In fact, the number one reason for QEI inspection failure (according to Champion Elevator) is phone connection failure. Although every state has different requirements, every state requires some sort of monitored connection . If you want to check the laws near you, click here.

What is Changing

Verizon and other local exchange carriers (LECs) once utilized only copper wire for phone service. That, as you likely know, is changing. They are now sending all voice traffic utilizing voice over internet protocol (VOIP). That mean the plain old telephone line (or POTS line) that once connected your elevator phones to a front desk or outside monitoring company will not work once they decommission the copper from your building.

No, You Don’t Need a Whole New Elevator System

You have options that will keep you in compliance. The two most popular options are either to upgrade the call box to a VOIP or a cellular option. However, a one or the other option isn’t failsafe. Think about how many times you’ve been on an elevator and lost a call. You don’t want to be stuck relying on a cell signal to call in an emergency. And, if you’ve ever had your internet go down, you’ll know why that isn’t best either.

The best solution for most is to utilize a Multi-WAN Connected system. This utilizes cellular, broadband and WiFi to ensure that the call can be completed even during network outages or when a cell signal can’t be reached. This is HIPPA compliant as well as NFPA 72 Code compliant. And meets all national, state and local building codes for elevator connectivity.

Toucan Technology Group Can Help

The good news is that Toucan Technology Group can handle this transition for you. And no, you won’t have to shut down your building for days or spend a fortune. In fact, our solution generally costs the same or less than what you’re paying now, depending on the number of lines and a few other factors. Even better, our solution can connect to not only elevator emergency boxes, but also other emergency call boxes as well as fire and security alarms, vending machine, ATMs, panic buttons and more. We offer a free consultation and quote for your upgrade as well as VOIP phone systems. Call us today at (317) 376-4874 to get on our schedule before you end up with elevators that fail inspection.

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