Wi-Fi Network Testing, Design & Implementation


Businesses today rely on Wi-Fi networks to communicate both within the company and to the outside world. If your Wi-Fi network is spotty or has areas where you simply can’t connect, your Wi-Fi design is lacking. Toucan Technology Group can help. We offer Wi-Fi network design based on testing for not only connection stability and reliability, but we also test how many people can reliably work on your network.

Secure Wi-Fi Network Design

Network Testing

The first step is for Toucan Technology Group to come in and test the network’s strength and limitations throughout your space. Then we’ll evaluate how many connections your Wi-Fi network can handle. From there, we’ll discuss what you want and need from your network. Some things we will talk about include:

  • Staff requiring connection at any one time
  • Type of work your team does online
  • Number of and types of other devices on your network
  • Whether you allow vendors, visitors and/or customers on your network
  • Projected company growth

Depending on your answers to the above, we may have other questions that will help us design you an efficient and secure Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Network Design

Wi-Fi network design

Our experts don’t just think coverage, they think coverage and service. It doesn’t matter if you can connect to the network if you’re unable to download a document you need or have a productive video call with a customer. And, although a robust network may be your top priority, a secure network is always ours. We’ll not only take into consideration what you need to keep your team connected, but also what you need to keep your network secure.

We always recommend not only a secure Wi-Fi network for your staff, but also a secure network for your guests, whether that means customers, vendors or visitors. You never want anyone outside your organization able to access your company files or information which is just one reason a guest network is essential. Often, that means upgrading technology within your facility.

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    We’re ECSE Certified

    When you trust us with your Wi-Fi network, you can be assured that we’ll test for both reach and reliability and then design a network to support your staff, customers and vendors because we’re ECSE certified in testing and design.


    ECSE wi-fi testing and design certified

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