Depending who you ask, RMM stands for either Remote Management and Monitoring or Remote Machine Management. We prefer remote management and monitoring because we know that monitoring can often help prevent problems. Remote machine management is the older definition because there was a time when all you could do remotely was connect through a link and fix a problem or upgrade software.

Monitoring Can Prevent Issues

Countless man hours are lost by staff waiting for an IT person to fix a problem on their machine. When you have tools in place to help prevent downtime, you increase overall productivity. Monitoring software can stop malware from reaching its intended destination and spreading. It can also monitor all machines connected to your network and disconnect things that shouldn’t be there. When your managed service provider (MSP) installs monitoring software, not only do you benefit, but they do as well as they lower the tickets your team submits due to malware.

Remote Machine Management

There are two types of remote machine management. One where the technician works behind the scenes to help with an issue and the other where the technician and user have a one-on-one session working together to solve a problem. Both are beneficial. Some situations require the help of the user, especially if it’s something the technician can’t replicate.

What if Monitoring Fails?

Although you may have monitoring in place, disasters still happen. Sometimes it’s a new threat that the software hasn’t yet been programed to identify. Other times it’s user error or an accident like spilled coffee. When monitoring fails, you need data restoration. In addition to an RMM program, your MSP should also be backing up your data. This ensures smooth data recovery no matter how small (one machine) or large (system wide) your loss.

Is Your MSP Protecting Your Network & Data?

Does your managed service provider (MSP) offer remote management and monitoring (RMM)? Do they have a data recovery plan? If not, you’re with the wrong MSP. Toucan Technology Group partners with your business to step in where and when your IT department needs help or we act as your IT team. As a valued Platinum Kaseya partner, we utilize their products to ensure that your business and its data is protected. Call us today for your free consultation and quote about our many services and products. We can be reached at (317) 376-4874 or by completing our contact form.

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