Admittedly tomorrow may be next month, next year or two years from now, but tomorrow is coming. The change your business needs to be ahead of is the decommissioning of the copper wires that POTS phones run on. Many hotels and older businesses have key or PBX systems that are not able to utilize VOIP technology. And, if the copper wires into your building are decommissioned before you upgrade your business phone system, your customers won’t be able to reach you.

How You Can Tell If Your Business Phone System is VOIP or POTS

One of the easiest ways is to look at your phone bill. If you’re paying for a certain number of phone lines (not phone numbers) and also pay minutes and/or long-distance fees, chances are good that you’re still on an old phone system utilizing copper wires. If you don’t have easy access to the bill, simply look at the phone itself. Is it connected to a telephone cord (RJ11) or an ethernet cord (RJ45)? If you’re still not sure, think about the last time your internet went out, did your phones stop working too? If so, you have a voice over IP phone system.

Other Technology May Still Utilize POTS Lines

If you just breathed a sigh of relief because your phones are VOIP, you need to think about other things in your office or building. Many elevators still utilize the POTS line for their emergency call box. This must be upgraded too. Other things that may need converting include fax machines, paging systems, security and fire alarms and point of sale systems.

Many Businesses Save Money After Converting

As much as new technology takes an adjustment and, in many cases, an investment that may not be in the budget, VOIP is often cheaper than multiple copper lines. And, the benefits of a VIOP phone system are unmatched. The biggest benefit is the portability of the phone number. An employee can answer their phone at a desk phone, on their computer from home or on their cell phone. VOIP systems are feature rich and completely scalable.

Ready to Upgrade to VOIP?

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