As a small business owner, you may struggle with balancing all you have to get done in a day. Managing your software, hardware, email and website aren’t things you should be doing when you can have a professional IT company handle it. In fact, you may be costing your business by trying to manage everything on your own. If your company isn’t big enough for an IT staff member, consider a mobile IT company you can use on an hourly or retainer basis. They bring a lot of value with their knowledge and expertise.

They Save You Time

Because a professional IT company has specialists who can find solutions to issues, they can save you time. Not only do they offer PC repair but they can help you get a new PC set up, create new email addresses, research tools that may benefit your business, and make sure everything is secure on your network.

They Save You Money

Have you ever bought another software license or package because you aren’t sure if you have enough or don’t know how to transfer a license from an old PC to a new one? Software is a major expense for many businesses and when you let your professional IT company manage your licenses, they’ll make sure you have the right number and the right type of license for your business. They can also help you avoid fines for illegally using pirated software.

They Can Keep Your Business Safe

Part of an IT department’s job at a big company is keeping your business safe from ransomware and hackers. If you and your staff aren’t regularly installing software updates, you could be vulnerable to attack. If your network isn’t secure your data could be in danger. Most professional IT companies also provide services like creating social media policies and computer use policies.

They Can Help Your Business Grow

When you can focus on your latest product, innovation or customer, you can grow your business. Because you won’t have to worry about your network crashing (and if it does you have someone who can restore it and your data quickly) and you don’t have to figure out every problem with every PC on your network, you can do what you do best.

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