G Suite LogoMany small businesses use G Suite as their company server. Although it is a great, low cost solution for many businesses, it’s not failsafe as many mistakenly believe. If you’re counting on G Suite to store your company’s data, there are some downsides of using it without a data backup system in place.


This is one of the reasons many companies are drawn to G Suite. The sharing of documents is simple. The downside of the sharing is when you mistakenly give someone the wrong permission, they may unknowingly edit a document that shouldn’t be edited. Once the changes are made, you can’t always get the original document back. Be very careful when setting the sharing permissions in G Suite documents.

Unauthorized Access

We’ve addressed password issues in previous blogs and how they are often hacked. If even one user’s password is obtained by someone who shouldn’t have it, you could end up with a data breach. This could include anything as minor as someone looking around your files and accessing information they shouldn’t have, to major issues like having your company’s data taken ransom or a virus installed. If it’s ransomed and you don’t have a data backup system, you either have to pay or accept the information is gone.

Data Loss

There is a sense of security when a business embraces cloud storage. Many business owners see G Suite as a smart alternative to an expensive in-house server or having every employee use local storage. However, the data stored in Google’s system can be lost and never recovered. Just like a file or email can be deleted off a local machine, when something is deleted from G Suite, it’s permanently gone after 25 days. If you don’t realize it’s missing before then and you don’t have a data backup system in place, you can’t get that data back.

No Internet Means No Access

Has your business internet ever gone down? For many businesses it makes it more difficult to work, but not impossible. When you store your files on G Suite and your internet is down, you can’t access anything, even to answer a customer’s question. This is a commonly forgotten drawback.

If you’re using G Suite, you might want to consider a data backup system. Just like when you have a server in your office, it’s not disaster proof. Toucan Technology Group offers back up solutions for G Suite users that can help in the event a file is mistakenly deleted or your data is taken ransom. Call 317-376-4874 to learn more about how we can protect your data today and into the future.


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