Almost every business today utilizes technology to increase efficiency and make their daily lives easier. However, if your IT team or managed service provider (MSP) isn’t talking to you about technology consolidation, you may be spending too much money or have redundant products or even outdated ones.

With Updates Come Advancement

Have you ever noticed when you update software on your computer or other device that you see what changes are in the newest version? Most often you see bug fixes listed or security flaws repaired. In addition to these, you may also see new features. Software companies know that they must continually strive to meet their customer’s needs. Sometimes that means adding a feature that their clients are asking for. When that happens on a product you’re using but you already bought another software to perform that feature, you now have redundant systems. Which means you’re wasting money. Although we talk about redundancy being a good thing, paying for two different pieces of software that you only partially utilize is not what we mean.

Fewer Tools = Better Data

If your business utilizes the data from your software to make informed business decisions, you want as much data in one place as possible. If you have multiple software products that all provide some information when one or two could provide all you need, you’ll be able to make better informed decisions with less work once you complete your technology consolidation.

Technology Consolidate Makes it Easier on Staff & Your Budget

User licenses add up. That means you may be spending more than you need to. Time is also money. Logging into different tools to enter data takes times. When you have multiple products your staff has to remember where to go to enter what information. They also spend more time toggling between software solutions to get the information they need when they need it. When you utilize one product for most of your business, training a new hire is infinitely easier. Not only on the new hire but also on the person doing the training.

How Do You Know What Tools to Keep & Which to Stop Using?

The easiest way is to work with a managed service provider on your technology consolidation. Toucan Technology Group can help you choose the right product or products for your company based on the features you need and want. They know software and have the ability to ensure a smooth transition all while keeping your company on budget for the project. Of course, we offer many other services in addition to our technology consolidation including data back-up and security solutions. Call us today to schedule your no obligation consultation at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form.

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