network security compromised by a trojan virusUnsecured networks cause millions of dollars of losses every year to large and small businesses alike. Here is part two of our blog series about ways to improve your network security which can cut down on hacks, malware, and viruses. If you don’t have the resources or knowledge to implement these security measures, contact an IT outsourcing company. If you missed 1 – 5 click here.

6.      Ban Google Chrome

There are so many things that happen to companies using Google chrome as their search engine that many IT departments now block Chrome from PCs. The reason is that the open source nature makes it a perfect tool for hackers to install malware without even downloading anything. There are other more secure search engines.

7.      Check Your Firewall and Anti-Virus Protection

A firewall protects your network by blocking unauthorized access. Anti-virus software keeps your employees from receiving files that may have a virus embedded in them. Yours needs to be regularly updated or patched. You also need to check the settings on the firewall to make sure that they are set high enough to block bad traffic. These are services worth paying for.

8.      Secure Remote Access

If you have employees working remotely or who have a need to access the network from places other than your office, make sure the way they access your network is secured. This can be achieved by setting up a VPN, terminal sever or citrix environment, or other remote login product.

9.      Have a Backup System in Place

No matter how secure a network is or the best practices you have followed, there is still a chance something could go wrong. When you have a backup of all your critical data, this becomes much less of an issue even if there is a breach in network security. Backup of your data should be offsite as this protects you from both cyber-attacks and disasters in your office. Not having a backup can bankrupt a small business.

10.  Know Your Network and Employees

Whether you have an on-site IT professional or use an IT outsourcing company, you should know the details of your network. That includes knowing how to login and all password and licensing information. The weakest point in any network is the human aspect. A disgruntled employee can wreak havoc on your business if they have access after leaving your employment.

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