Email security isn’t always a top concern for a small business, especially when they’re starting out. In the beginning many choose just to have a companyname@gmail (or outlook or another free service). As your business grows this isn’t the best option. Customers tend to trust email addresses from the business domain more than from a free account for many reasons. Once you have a domain based email, you want it secure. You’ll need to work with your IT company to make sure that you’re following these steps.

1.      Have a Corporate Email Policy

Your IT company can help you develop this so it fits with your business needs and any regulations set forth by your industry. The policy should include:

  • Rules about using company email for personal reasons
  • Password security and frequency of new passwords
  • Deleting non-business related emails
  • Mobile device policies such as a mandated lock screen

2.      Decide if Email Encryption is Necessary

Some industries require encryption. Others should have it to provide peace of mind for their clients. It’s not necessary for every small business but if it is for yours, work to find a solution that works for your customers and staff.

3.      Educate Your Staff

In today’s world it seems that everyone should know not to open a suspicious link or and email from the Prince of Absurdistan, but sadly not everyone is so wise. Make sure your staff knows that they shouldn’t open these emails or links and never click on a link to change an email or provide personal information. Also, forwarding chain emails should be forbidden. Also, looking at the email address and making sure it really is from the company it claims to be from is a good idea.

4.      Have Good Cyber Security

Every computer should have up to date virus and malware protection. Some programs even scan the content of the emails looking for suspicious language, attachments or images. If you’re using a free program to protect your business from cyber-attacks, you may find yourself with an issue sooner rather than later. Talk to your IT company about the best options for your business needs.

5.      Work with a Knowledgeable IT Company

If your business is too small to have a full time IT person on staff, consider outsourcing to an knowledgeable IT company. They can help you establish a domain-based email, set up a company email policy, provide backup and encryption.

Toucan Technology Group is just that kind of company. We offer complete outsourcing of all your IT needs from secure email and backing up of your company data to web design and online marketing. Let us provide you with an assessment of your needs and a quote for retainer services or hourly work to solve your email or other issues. Call (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form today.

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