There are many ways to backup data. One common way is to utilize one of the many cloud-based services such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, However, although they’re a great way to share files and access files from multiple computers, they aren’t really data backup services. They also have other downsides that aren’t understood by most.

They Were Never Meant to Be Backup Solutions

If your business needs to share or collaborate on a document or file, many of the cloud sharing services are a great solution. However, most of these services don’t automatically backup the data on your entire machine. There are not multiple backups over multiple days. Files are simply overwritten. If a document is corrupted or infected with some sort of malware, you will have to start over. Restoring it will only restore the corrupt file.

You Can’t Restore Your Entire Desktop Easily

There is no option to restore your machine if it crashes or becomes infected. After your IT person fixes your laptop or provides you a new one, you will have to import each file or folder. This takes a great deal of time. And, if your login to the tool you used was compromised, you may never get that data back.

It’s Not Truly Secure

Admittedly it’s hard to have a 100% secure data backup. However, when you use true data backup from a managed service provider, they have backups of your backups. That helps protect you in the event of a machine or total system hack. When you utilize free services for data backup or collaboration, the terms and conditions often state that they may review your content to determine if it is illegal or violates their policies. If you must adhere to certain privacy standards, like HIPAA, you may be in violation of your industry standards. True data backup services store your data away from prying eyes, even electronic ones.

Toucan Technology Group Offers Data Backup Services

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