Although not every document created needs to be saved forever, the vast majority of the data your business creates needs to be saved. For some industries it’s the law, while for others it’s part of business preservation. If you’re not backing up your data the right way and your server crashes, the building catches fire or floods, you could be out of business without critical information. Here are some tips about data backup and what you should be doing.

Do You Need a Local Backup and Offsite Backup?

For most businesses the answer to this question is always yes. Because most small businesses have local computers where their data is stored, if that laptop crashes, the data is gone. A local backup, either to a server or the cloud, is a great way to protect that information. However, backing up to a server isn’t fool-proof. That server can still be corrupted or destroyed. Even using a backup like Google Drive doesn’t fully protect your business. You should work with a offsite backup company and back up your data regularly.

How Often Should I Back Up My Company Data?

That really depends on your business and how much data you create on a daily basis. For most businesses setting up an automated backup procedure at the end of the business day is ideal. However, that means that the computers or server needs to remain online for the backup to occur. The more critical data you create, the more frequent you need a backup. Don’t just assume the backup is running, check it periodically.

What is the Best Option?

Admittedly, something is better than nothing when it comes to backing up your data. Dropbox and thumb drives may have worked when you first started out, but as you grow but won’t work forever. It does take research and money for a good backup system. You want a company you can count on with redundancy – that means they back up your backup.

Toucan Technology Group offers backup programs for businesses large and small. We can customize a program to fit your needs and guarantee that we’ll provide you with your information in the event of a catastrophe. One of the best investments you can make in your business is securely backing up your business data. Let us help you get started by calling (317) 376-4874 to schedule your free consultation.

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