cyber security on your networkIf you’ve not started working with a Technology Partner and don’t have an IT person on staff implementing a cyber security plan, you should. There are few bigger vulnerabilities than your network and your business data. Every day they’re not protected from ransomware and malware, your entire business is at risk. No longer is your data locked away safely in a file cabinet where only a fire or flood can take them from you.

What is Cyber Security?

Think of cyber security as the deadbolts, doors, and alarm systems for your company’s data. If you think that your passwords and firewall are enough to keep out predators, that’s like keeping your screen door shut and locked with a hook and eye lock. It may have worked decades ago, but now you need more.

True cyber security not only protects your data but it also identifies and closes the holes in your system that cybercriminals are looking for. Lastly, it keeps your business safe from digital threats including trojan horses and viruses.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Cyber Security Company

Although there are some subscription-based services that claim to protect you, unless they come on site and evaluate your network, they can’t completely protect do so. Technology Partners with cyber security experience are your best resource for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest is their ability to provide you with on-site security for your network, virtual security for your cloud-based data and to implement policies for you and your staff to best protect your business’s data.

If you are unsure about your network’s cyber security, call Toucan Technology Group. We’re local and able to evaluate your entire network, make our recommendations and implement changes to protect your data. We can also set up a guest network to separate visitor traffic from accessing your business network which will cut down on viruses. We are able to overcome HIPPA/PCI compliance challenges and follow all NIST best practices.

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