All too often businesses move into a new facility thinking that the infrastructure to get to work is already in place. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. In new construction, there may be no cabling at all. Even when you move into a new space that includes established offices and cubicles, doesn’t mean it’s ready for your needs. Here are some tips to help you and your IT relocation company.

Plan Ahead

There are many elements that go into setting up a network at your new location. You need to plan these well in advance of your targeted move date. In fact, we don’t recommend you set a move date until you’ve worked out the many details with different vendors. First, you’ll want to find and schedule a meeting with an IT relocation company. You also want to contact your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) and determine if they service your new location and how long it will take to move services or install what you need to your new location.

What to Expect When Meeting with Your IT Relocation Company

Ideally you will need at least two meetings. The first at your current location to evaluate your existing equipment and discuss the needs for your new space. The second at the new space to evaluate the existing infrastructure and plan necessary upgrades or changes.

You and your IT relocation company will talk about timeline of the move if you’re planning on keeping your current equipment. Depending on the move timeline, the relocation team will need to un-install equipment and reinstall it and program it. This takes time. Often, the necessary downtime and age of existing equipment actually makes it a better fiscal decision to simply purchase new technology.

Backup Everything

If you’re moving, chances are good your business is growing. You likely have a lot of critical data on your computers and server. Protecting that data before the move is a good investment. Your IT relocation company often provides a service to backup data not only for the move but ongoing should the worst happen at some point in the future.

Testing Before Move Day

One of the biggest benefits of an IT relocation company is that they can test everything they do before you actually move in. This makes for a smooth transition for you and your employees. Of course, if there are hiccups the team is usually on site on the move day to help with the transition.

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