network securityIn this two-part blog series we’re going to investigate ten ways that you can improve your network security. Network security is of utmost importance because an unsecured network leaves you open to hacking, stealing of company data and customer data. In fact, one out of five small businesses fall prey each year to some sort of network hack. Your employees may even be susceptible to identity theft if they do any personal business on their company computer.

1.      Change Default Passwords on Everything

Many network devices come with default logins. Often the login is admin and the password is simply password or changeme. There’s nothing that forces you to change the password on network printers, copiers or other devices so take the initiative, they are an easy way for a hacker to gain access to your network.

2.      Create a Strong Password Policy

Your employees may not like having to change their passwords regularly or come up with something different that includes a special character, number, and letter that’s at least 12 characters long but it will make a difference. Weak passwords are the number one way hackers gain access to your network.

3.      Update your Software and Firmware

When your computer prompts you to update it, don’t wait. Updates are often a result of a new threat discovered on your operating system. When you don’t make the update, your computer and your entire network are left open to whatever vulnerabilities were discovered.

4.      Block Users from Installing Applications or Software

Your employees use your computers. They shouldn’t be allowed to install apps or games on your PCs. Too many network hacks come as a result of an innocent download that has associated malware. Your computers should only allow the admin to download software.

5.      Set up a Guest Network

We think this is so important that we’ve written an entire blog about it. If you’re interested, click here. The key is that you don’t know what malware or viruses are on guest computers and you don’t want to leave your network open to unwittingly becoming exposed to those viruses.

Don’t let your company be the one in five who is hacked or held at ransom because of a less than secure network. If you don’t know how to implement these safeguards, call Toucan Technology Group. We can perform a check of your network security and implement necessary safe practices to help prevent hacking, malware, and viruses. Call 317-376-4874 today for your no obligation consultation. Click here for part 2.

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