It’s practically impossible to run a business without a wi-fi network today. It’s convenient when your staff moves from office to office with laptops and helpful when a vendor comes in and needs internet access for their presentation or to place your order. However, it can open your business up to vulnerabilities if you let people onto your primary network which is why you should have a guest network.

1.      Security

The greatest benefit of a guest network is the security it provides. When you allow a visitor onto your primary network, they have access to any files and machines on your network. Worse than that, they can inadvertently place Malware onto your network infecting your machines, servers, and cause huge losses.

When you set up a guest network, you never have to share your company’s login credentials and you can make the code highly secure. A guest network password can be shorter, less secure, and changed regularly if you don’t want just anyone access to your network.

2.      Network Allocation

If you have a large group of visitors at one time, they may drain your bandwidth. When you set up a guest network you can allocate bandwidth that provides enough for them to work, but doesn’t impact your employee’s network performance. This will allow your employees who are on your primary network to continue to work with the same speed that they’re use to having no matter how many visitors are on the guest network.

3.      Improved Customer Experience

If your business has customers in and out on a regular basis they almost expect wi-fi access. When your business offers free access, your customers have an added incentive to come to your place of business over your competition. Not only that, but they will tell others that your wi-fi is free and accessible.

Not all routers have the ability to allow you to set up a guest network. If you are looking to set up a guest network or wonder if your router can handle multiple networks, contact Toucan Technology Group. We can design and implement a wireless network, allocate the right bandwidth for your employees and guests, and handle any other network related issues you may have. Call 317-376-4874 to learn more about guest networks and our services.

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