As you wrap up the year and check what your goals and plans are for the new year, you may not have thought about your internet security or business data. If you did not, you need to start thinking about it now. Having a data recovery plan in place can save you time, money and frustration should anything go wrong.

Stuff Happens

And in the business realm because so much of our business’s information is online, when stuff happens it can be disastrous. Here are a few things that can happen to your business data that is completely out of your control:

  • Spilled coffee on a laptop
  • Fire, flood or malfunctioning sprinkler system in the office
  • Computer theft
  • System crash

What would happen to your productivity for the day or week if you had to recreate information on even one computer in your office? Stuff happens, having a data recovery plan makes the stuff minorly annoying rather than business destroying.

There Are Bad People Trying to Hurt Your Business

Most business owners today are aware of cyber-criminals. Viruses, ransomware and Trojan horses can not only impact your business but your can infect others you communicate with online. They can also infect computers connected to your network like those of vendors and customers. When they do, your business can suffer unrecoverable loss if you don’t have a data recovery plan in place.

Sadly, there are also unhappy employees who steal proprietary data. An article in Entrepreneur online found that 85% of employees admitted to taking information and data from a company that they created but didn’t own the rights to. A shocking 30% took other company information. And 20% of fired or laid off employees said they were likely to pass the information to a competitor due to anger.

A Data Recovery Plan is a Smart Business Decision

When you have an IT person on staff or work with a managed service provider for your IT needs, they will recommend putting a data recovery plan in place. If you’re currently handling your IT and think that backing up your computers to a removable drive is enough of a data recovery plan, call Toucan Technology Group. We’ll share some of our solutions and get them implemented so when the inevitable happens, your data is safely backed up and a knowledgeable team ready to restore it seamlessly and quickly so you can get back to normal operations. Call us today at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form for your free consultation.


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