There are many reasons that a computer doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s an issue too big for repair. Other times it’s as simple as replacing a cracked screen. There are many different businesses in Indianapolis offering IT services. However, they’re not all the same. Some are there just to repair computer screens. Others can help with a computer that’s slowed down. However, if you are a business owner, chances are that you need more than just a computer repair company and should consider finding a managed IT company.

What is a Managed IT Company?

A business providing comprehensive computer and network support is a very broad definition of a managed IT company. Some businesses market themselves as a technology outsourcing company but more commonly today the term managed service provider is the most common classification.

What Can a Managed Service Provider Do for Me?

That depends very much on the company itself. Some are only online or remote support which means that the computer has to be able to connect to the internet for repair. Others offer both in person and remote support. A full-service managed IT company provides all services that an IT professional on staff could provide and often much more including:

  • Network design & installation
  • Wi-Fi network design & set up
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software license implementation management
  • Hardware acquisition and setup
  • Desktop and laptop support

Some managed service providers also offer VoIP phone systems, online presence management and assistance with online policy creation.

Are They Really More Affordable than a Full-Time Staff Member?

There are some companies who need some services from a managed IT company while employing a full-time IT staff member. There are others who only need the help of a managed services provider, but very few businesses today only need that team member on staff. Because managed service providers customize their service contracts to each business, you can get exactly what you need and stay within budget. Most offer both a retainer-based service and an hourly based service contract.

Are You Looking for a Company to Manage Your IT Needs?

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