Although Google doesn’t give away all their algorithm secrets, they do share a few. By looking at sites that rank well, experts have determined some of their other ranking factors. If your business isn’t showing up well in search, you’re probably losing business to competitors. You can hire a marketing agency as an outsourcing company for assistance.

There are a few things that every site manager should have done by now – converted the site to mobile responsive and added a security certificate (meaning your site needs to be HTTPS not HTTP). And there is one thing you can’t change – your domain’s age. But here are five other ways to help your website rank better.


Your sites makes it’s easier for the search engines to find the important information on a website and interpret it. One of the most important elements of schema is referred to as your NAP or name, address, phone. Your footer and contact page should contain identical NAP information. Topically schema can also be beneficial, although Matt Cutts of Google doesn’t want you to rely only on it.

2.      Backlinks

Backlinks are ways to get to your website other than through search. Some examples of backlinks include online directories and social media sites. It’s also helpful when your business sells or markets a national brand that the manufacturer or parent company links back to your site as an authorized reseller. Backlinks add to your site’s visibility.

3.      Images

Images are essential for a good website, but not just any image. If you provide a service, make sure to take photos of your work with your phone’s geo tracking turned on. This will embed information in the picture that tells the search engines where the photo was taken. That helps Google know to show you in search results for that area. Next key is to add “alt text” to the image. That tells the search engine what is in the picture. Give details like brand, color, style or model number. You can put the same information or even more information in the caption beneath the photo. One warning, don’t make your photos too big as images tend to decrease load time of a site.

4.      Quality Content

If you don’t have well written content on your website, you won’t be ranked. There was a time when content was written for the search engines. Today, Google and the other search engines want content that is easy to read and not stuffed with keywords. Misspellings, miss use of words (like saying “We have a plant…” when you really meant “We have a plan…” can negatively impact your rankings.

5.      Regularly Updated Content

As your business changes, so should your website. Additionally, Google wants to see that you add relevant content that helps people answer questions they have or take an action they want. Some of the best ranking pages answer questions that start with what, how or why. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a blog. Answering questions your customers have actually asked in person online not only helps your website but also gives you a place to send your customers who have that question. If you don’t have someone who can write and edit your content, consider an outsourcing company.

As an outsourcing company, Toucan Technology offers website content writing, directory listing services and even website design. If you think your rankings could be improved, contact us for a free evaluation of your site. We’ll let you know what changes can be made to potentially increase your site’s ranking. Call (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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