Toucan Technology Group (TTG) has been serving the greater Indianapolis region as a local managed service provider almost before the term existed. Although we’ve had other names, the owner and goals have always been the same. We strive to create a long-term partnership with small businesses to help them run their business more securely, at a lower cost and with less stress. When we began the accreditation process, the Better Business Bureau asked us to list a few reasons why a business should choose TTG over another option they may have for their technology hardware, software and needs. Here are some we shared with them that we want you to know.

Toucan Technology Group is a Local Managed Service Provider

Not only are we locally based, but we’re locally owned and operated. Our team has an office in Brownsburg, but more importantly, we come to you. We understand that although some issues can easily be addressed via remote support, other times it’s more efficient for us to come to you. And, because you’ll never reach a call center somewhere else, you can count on the fact that the technician you speak to will speak English as a first language.

We Offer Our Hardware & Software Discounts to Our Clients

For many managed service companies, their profit comes from marking up the hardware and software they provide. We rather sell the hardware and software products that we’re highly trained on at a fair price than have you pick up whatever you find at a big box store. That helps you get a high-quality product and the warranty that comes with it, without the risk of an unknown piece of hardware.

Managed Monthly Clients Receive Around the Clock Support

Yes, we offer 24/7 support for our Monthly Managed Clients. That, especially, helps businesses that don’t operate on a traditional 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule. And, we don’t charge project fees for those clients either.

As a Small Business We’re Flexible

Because we’re a small business too, we know that every small business has different needs. When we create your Master Service Agreement as a Monthly Managed Client, we only include the services you need. That means you pay for what you need and utilize from Toucan Technology Group. If you need to add to your services, hardware or software, we can add that to the contract.

Need Something A La Carte?

Although our Monthly Managed Clients have the majority of our services included in our Master Service Agreement, sometimes they have an occasional need. Of course, if you’re not a Monthly Managed Client and need one of our services, we can accommodate you as well.

Let TTG Serve as Your Managed Service Provider

Call us today and schedule your no obligation consultation with one of the Toucan Technology Group team members. We’ll discuss your current technology situation and our services. And, because we are a local managed service provider, we’ll have the conversation in person. It’s always our goal to create a partnership with our clients which is why we take the time to get to know you and make sure you know what we can do before creating a Master Service Agreement. Reach us at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form today.

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