All travel comes with risk. However, data security while traveling isn’t often considered before personal or business travel. And, cyber crime is more prevalent on public networks. As a managed service company, we know that data security while traveling isn’t something everyone thinks about, but they should.

1.      If You Don’t Have to Connect to a Network, Don’t

That includes the hotel network, a network in a coffee shop or the airport. These networks are not secure networks, even if they require a password. Anyone else on that network can see your computer is also logged in. If you must connect, turn off all file sharing, Bluetooth and printer-sharing.

2.      Consider Leaving Devices at Home

If you won’t need your laptop, leave it at home. For trips where you need a computer, consider bringing one with only the essential programs and information on it. If you must bring your primary device with you, back it up prior to leaving. Another option is to put the documents you need in the cloud in Office 365 or elsewhere and access it only if necessary. If you don’t take it with you, you don’t need to worry about your data security while traveling!

3.      Update Everything

Update your software to the latest version whether you plan on using a program while you’re traveling or not. Also make sure your antivirus protection is updated and on.

4.      Install Data Encryption

If you can, use data encryption, especially you deal with sensitive information. This will protect you and your customers. If you don’t have data encryption software or email, talk to a managed service company about adding it.

5.      Turn it Off

If you must take your laptop with you on a trip, don’t just close it when you’re finished using it, log out of everything and turn it off. While you’re using it, turn off any remember me features for passwords or log out of tools you use to automatically log into programs.

Traveling Staff? Toucan Technology Group Can Help

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