network security from IT outsourcing companiesWhere are your employees spending their time? Is it all on work tasks? Likely not. Although it’s healthy and normal to take a few breaks throughout the day, how much is too much? A recent study by the New York Post showed that the average employee spends about five hours a week on their cell phones and another 42 minutes a day on non-work related websites like social media. Add that up and it’s an entire work day spent not working, and doesn’t include chats with co-workers and time at the watercooler! But what can you do to prevent or cut down on the time they spend not focusing on work?

Understand Where They Spend Their Time

Men spend more time checking personal email where women spend more time on social media sites. Other than increasing workplace policies about using cellphones during working hours, little can be done to stop the wasted phone time. However, you can block access to sites on your work computers, which will help limit time spent on sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, What’s App, LinkedIn, and Houzz to name a few.

Blocking access to sites is called internet filtering. Internet filtering comes with other benefits like helping to prevent malware. It can also block an employee from pulling up explicit material which may offend a workmate. Your IT manager can install filtering software and appliances that help manage network bandwidth. If you don’t have an IT staff member, many IT outsourcing companies can install software and help you manage the network with policies.

IT Outsourcing Companies Bring Many Benefits

For companies too small for an IT department, an IT outsourcing company offers many benefits. They help you manage your network and all associated devices. Although they add an expense, in the long run you may save money. Keeping an IT outsourcing company on retainer gives you someone to turn to in the event a computer crashes or your network has a problem. They also can help you put the right policies into place that will increase the productivity of your staff. Imagine getting even half a work day back each week from every employee!

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