When you search managed service provider in Indianapolis, you’ll get a lot of results. You may become overwhelmed with your options and not even know where to start. Before you make your first phone call, you need to think about what you want the company to do and how important in person service is to you. You may even want to have an annual budget.

Laying Our Your Needs

Every business is different. That makes their managed service provider (MSP) needs different too. A very small business may only have occasional need for services. If that is your situation, you’ll want a company who offers services on an hourly or a la carte basis. If you have an IT team member who will continue on-site support but you need to fill in the gaps where he can’t provide the services you need or when she is on vacation, you may want to consider a retainer-based company who customizes their service offering contracts based on individual company needs.

List All the Services You Might Want the MSP to Provide

Just about all businesses today relies on their internet service for data accessibility. However, depending on their market, they may have different rules they must follow for data security and email security. Knowing those and being able to eliminate MSPs who can’t service your needs helps narrow down your list.

Businesses who need their managed service provider in Indianapolis to act as their IT department too will want a company who can provide the following:

  • Network design/testing/setup/management
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Data backup/recovery services
  • Software license management and support
  • Hardware sales & setup
  • Technical troubleshooting/resolution
  • System upgrades
  • VoIP system installation and management
  • Primary or backup internet service

Again, depending on your business, you may have additional needs such as website and social media management.

Know Your Budget

Sometimes a business doesn’t realize that by hiring a managed service provider that they can actually save money. Often an MSP will reduce your cost on subscriptions and provide you with hardware and a phone system for less than you’re paying now. And, when you factor in the cost of the time you spend trying to figure out a solution and the downtime of your staff, a good managed services provider will practically pay for themselves.

Toucan Technology Group Offers a Variety of Services

As a managed service provider in Indianapolis, we offer a la carte and retainer-based services. We can be your IT team or supplement your staff. We also offer many of our services on an as needed basis like our wi-fi network testing to help find the problem in your slow office wireless network or close off dead spots in your facility. And, we are truly a local MSP, based in Brownsburg and serving the greater Indianapolis area from Fishers and Carmel to Greenwood. Call us today at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form for your free consultation.

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