If you were to ask your employees how many were on social media, it’s likely that every hand would go up. Many would admit to multiple accounts across various platforms. You probably have at least one for your business (if you don’t, you probably should). Do you have a social media policy that your employees know and abide by? Social media policies can help avoid embarrassing situations and keep your message consistent. There are two essential parts to a social media policy. First is how and what people can post on their pages and second is how and what they can post on the company pages.

Personal Social Media Policies

Depending what your company does and the employee’s position, the strictness of your personal social media policy may vary greatly. For some businesses privacy and secrecy is so important that their policy may say, “no images of the office, factory, or facility allowed online unless posted on our official account.” This might protect your company from inadvertently disclosing trade secrets or violating a law like HIPPA. On the other hand, your business may thrive on social media and you may encourage people to post frequently about exciting developments in the business. However you want to approach what’s best for your business, make sure everyone sees and acknowledges the policy in writing.

Company Standards

You want your brand to be seen in the best light possible. You want to avoid anything that may offend or hurt your brand. That means you need company standards. Many businesses today have multiple accounts and one or more people who post to those accounts, but what about responding to questions or complaints online? Make sure your staff understands how negative posts, questions or even compliments should be handled.

Help Everyone Understand Why

Social media can be a powerful way to spread brand awareness and grow your business. It can also harm your reputation. Make sure your staff understands why you have the policies you choose to implement. Be positive and help employees understand that you’re protecting the business from scandal, lawsuits and general negativity. Once you’ve developed your social media policy, talk about why you implemented it and share it with everyone. Every staff member should sign off acknowledging that they’ve read and understand your social media policy for your protection.

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