There is a difference between a good network and one that is just okay. A good network includes redundancy, security, speed, and has room to grow. Whether you’re attempting to install your new network yourself or working with a managed service provider, you need a good network design plan.


We’ve talked previously about what it costs a business every minute their network is non-operational. Although that may mean you’re a victim of a cybercrime, it may be simply a glitch in equipment. When your network design plan includes redundancy, you are less likely to suffer outages that negatively impact your business.


How will your network design plan serve you next year or in five years? Is it scalable? Can you add users and new equipment without either redesigning the network or needing to purchase new equipment? It’s almost always less expensive to choose a bit more than you need today than to swap out what you have for what your needs are next year.


There are few things more frustrating than knowing you have the necessary bandwidth from your internet provider and yet still not being able to work efficiently. This often comes down to either poorly configured networks or insufficient equipment. A good network design plan considers not only your users, but also your space and what your business does online.


Network security is essential. Without the right equipment, network design and passwords, your network is at risk. Perhaps more than anything else today, a good network design plan includes cybersecurity measures.

Toucan Technology Group Can Help

Whether you simply need a good network design plan and have a team ready to install it for your or want us to design and install your equipment, we can help. Toucan Technology Group will learn about your business’s needs and then design your new network. We will recommend quality equipment and can price it out for you. Let us be the team you call not only for your network design needs, but also implementation, management and other IT services. Call us today at (317) 376-4874 to schedule your no obligation consultation.

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