Although we’re hearing in the news that U.S. businesses should take precautions to protect themselves against a cyber-attack, most people only think of big companies and critical infrastructure. However, no matter how big or small your business, you need to have preventative measures in place as well as a data recovery plan.

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Grow

Although a ransomware cyber-attack that targets a large business is likely going to payout more, it also takes a hacker more time to infiltrate their network and shut it down. That’s why small businesses are now targets more than ever. These hackers know that as a small business, you may not have tools in place to keep them out and likely don’t have a data recovery plan for your business. That means small businesses are easier to hack and more likely to pay to recover their data.

What You Should Do

  1. Update your software. If you get a notice that there is an update, click on it and update your software. Often the programmers find flaws that make it possible for a hacker to infiltrate their software so they fix that problem and send you notice to update it. This costs you nothing but a few moments out of your day but could save you countless hours and dollars.
  2. Implement strong password requirements for all programs and, when available, use two factor authentication. If you don’t know how to implement either of these, talk to a managed services provider. They can help make it happen.
  3. Set up a guest network. If you don’t already have a guest network for visitors and your employee’s cell phones, talk to your IT services company or hire someone to set up a guest network. It uses the same internet feed but keeps your network safer than when you allow just anyone to log on to it.
  4. Have a data recover plan in place. That means back up your data. Not to a drive you keep attached to your computer or to Google, but a true data recovery program that automatically backs up your devices and is there in the event that you suffer a cyber-attack, a computer is stolen or your business catches fire or floods.

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