network outsourcer better than a temp agency

There are many good reasons to know a good temp agency and to use their staff. If you need someone to fill in during a busy season, while someone is out on maternity leave, or even just to try them out before you hire them permanently. Most are background checked and have the right skills for your needs, however, there are some reasons that hiring them for your occasional IT needs may not be a good choice.

Lack of Knowledge of Your System

Any time you bring in a temp for any job at your company, you have to go through the learning curve. If you have a short-term need, like upgrading software, installing new computers, or setting up a new network, you could spend as much time training them as it would take you to do it yourself. Especially if they don’t come back the second day!  Every network and system on the network is different. A network outsourcer takes the time to get to know your business and your network. You don’t want to have to continually train a new person because the person you used previously now has a full-time position elsewhere.


Every time you give another person access to your network, you’re leaving yourself open to vulnerabilities. Yes, most agencies background check their temps, however, that isn’t fool-proof. You don’t want to bring someone on to work on your system for a bit and then stop using them only to have them retaliate in some way. Of course, the temp agency likely has insurance for just such incidents but you’ll still lose time, money, and possibly clients if their data was breached or exposed.

Staff Interactions

Not every temp is a good fit for every company. Part of the reasons you may use a temp is to see how they fit in or gel with the rest of your team. Bringing in a temp to work on your network a few days here and there will disrupt the staff. They may not know who the person asking for access to your computer is and may not feel comfortable with them at their desk or may question them, wasting everyone’s time.

A Better Solution

Hiring a local technology outsourcer is a better solution. You’ll have that company on retainer and you can use them when you want or need. Your staff will know this person or people and they’ll know your network. This gives you all the benefits of a temp without the stress, hassle or training issues that a temporary employee might come with.

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