Whether your small business is just a few people or you have a growing team spread out across Indianapolis, the state or country, you need professional small business IT support. The best way to do this is with the help of a managed service provider, also known as an MSP. You may think that between your knowledge and one of the local laptop repair and data recovery companies you’re covered, but here’s why you should utilize an MSP.

They Have Many Solutions

Managed service providers have education and training in technology you need to make your business run. A few examples of solutions they provide include:

  • Finding the right software for your needs and managing licenses
  • Ensuring a secure network
  • Properly configuring your wireless internet for effective coverage
  • Securely backing up your business data
  • Setting up new machines or users on your network
  • Fixing laptops with issues from failing hardware to malware
  • Online presence management

And most offer their services on both a retainer or hourly as needed basis so you can have the professional available and still keep within budget.

MSPs are More Affordable Than You May Think

One of the most common misconceptions is that having a managed service provider is expensive. However, they are much less expensive than having an IT person on staff even part time. Additionally, MSP team members keep up with their certifications and training on their company’s expenses, not yours. Plus, when you need additional computers, licenses or more data storage, your MSP can provide it at a more affordable cost because they purchase millions of dollars a year and bring their bulk buying power to your purchase.

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