There are a lot of misconceptions about what is outsourcing an important part of your business’s daily operations. Hardware, software and a network that functions properly are essential no matter what you’re doing or the size of your business. Many business owners think that they should either do it themselves or hire a staff member to keep control over everything because of these common myths about a managed service provider, also known as an MSP.

Myth #1 – My Company’s Data Is Less Secure

One of the core principles of any MSP is client confidentiality. Managed service providers pride themselves on helping businesses stay safe from a cyberattack. However, they do much more. They help ensure your data is safe from guests on your network and people in the parking lot looking for free Wi-Fi. They provide comprehensive security and data backup in the event something does happen, you won’t have to pay a ransom.

Myth #2 – MSPs Are Too Expensive

There are countless studies regarding the cost of hiring an MSP for a small to medium size business compared to a full-time IT staff member. Nearly every study finds that hiring an MSP is a more cost-effective option. That’s because even when you have an IT staff member, you have to pay for many of the services included in the MSPs monthly or annual cost. Plus, they often find ways to save you money by optimizing the types of software licenses and buying hardware with their volume discount.

Myth #3 – We Don’t Need an MSP Because We Have an IT Team Member

There does come a point where many businesses need an IT staff member. However, even if you have one, you can still benefit from the services of a managed service provider. Some of the things they do that you team likely can’t do at an affordable cost includes:

  • Test and configure a Wi-Fi network that’s secure and can handle your traffic needs.
  • Act as a data center providing regular and ongoing secure data backup.
  • Configure and install a VoIP phone system and provide training to your staff.
  • Ensure compliance of your business in accordance with state, federal and industry regulations.
  • Network design and implementation for a new facility.

Toucan Technology Group Is Your Local Managed Service Provider

If you’re looking for an MSP to help you with your IT needs, whether you have an IT member on staff or not, call Toucan Technology Group. We offer comprehensive IT services from network design and implementation of your network for a new facility to remote and in person support. Call us today at (317) 376-4874 to schedule your free consultation.

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