Small businesses move more often than large ones, usually due to growth. With every move, there are logistics you need to plan, well in advance of your move. One the first things you should do when you secure your new location is talk to your IT staff member or professional IT company who manages your network about the needs at the new location. If you don’t, you may find out on moving day that the existing infrastructure is insufficient for your needs or that you don’t have a network at all! Here are some of the topics you and your IT company should discuss.

1.      Everything on Your Network

Are your phones VoIP? If so, they’ll need a network connection. Do you have printers on the network? They’ll need an ethernet connection too. Does anyone have a desktop and laptop they may want to plug in at the same time? Proper planning of all the elements connected to your network helps purchase the right hubs and other equipment now rather than making an investment only to have to replace it before you get settled. When you work with an IT outsourcing company for this service, they’ll evaluate everything currently on your network.

2.      Wired Network

Although we know that most businesses supply their employees with laptops more than desktops to make working from home or in groups easier, you still want a wired network. A wired network is more secure and faster. That means you may need network installation. Doing this right takes planning and time. So, if you take possession of the new space on a certain date, make sure you leave time before your move for the installation of the wiring and get it scheduled.

3.      Wireless Networks

Yes, that’s intentionally plural. We recommend at least two wireless networks depending on your company and size. At the very minimum, you want a guest network and an employee network. This helps prevent guests logged into your wireless to access your company information or leave a virus on your network.

4.      Growth Plan

If your space is big enough for growth, you’ll want to make sure that your installer understands your growth plan and installs a larger enough router and the right cabling. Just like any service professional, the more you call them out to your site, the more expense you incur for infrastructure. Planning ahead and discussing it with your outsourcing company can save you money over the term of your lease.

If you’re looking at moving and don’t have an IT staff who can handle setting up your network or don’t have an IT person on staff at all, Toucan Technology Group can help. We offer all levels of IT support from network installation to retainer and hourly based tech support, setting up new computers, managing software licenses and more. Find out how we can be your IT staff and support by calling (317) 376-4874 or filling out our contact form for your free initial consultation.

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