As a small business owner, you wear many hats. If you’ve grown to the point where you can’t or don’t want to be the IT manager, you may be considering hiring a new team member or outsourcing your IT needs. Most companies who choose to outsource their IT needs choose a managed services company. But, how do you decide which is the right option for your business?

Advantages & Disadvantages of a New IT Staff Member

If you hire an IT staff member, you have them on site daily (with the exception of vacation and sick time). They are able to handle what you need, at the moment you need it. However, what happens when something goes wrong when they’re on vacation or sick? How you get what ever is broken fixed? Of course, they also come at a fairly high price. The salary of an IT staff member in Indianapolis starts at $60,000 and goes up with experience and knowledge. That doesn’t include benefits. You also will need to ensure that they continue to remain up to date on their certification and skills which means paying for their training as needed.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hiring a Managed Services Company

A managed services company offers you many of the benefits of having an IT staff member without the expense. Often managed services companies have a wider breadth of knowledge because they have multiple team members who can work together to solve a problem. Most offer both retainer-based programs and hourly rates which means you can find a managed services company who fits your budget today and grows with you. Of course, not all managed services companies are the same. Some offer only remote support because they’re based overseas. That can lead to language barriers. Others are local but offer limited services.

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