facts about managed service providersManaged Service Providers, or MSPs, offer more benefits than most businesses realize. In fact, the better you understand the services provided, the more you may re-evaluate using one. But first, if you’ve heard some of these common myths about MSPs let’s set the record straight. The facts may surprise you.

1.      I’m Too Small to Need an MSP

If your staff uses computers and you have a network, you’re not too small for an MSP. A managed service provider will help keep your data safe, your network up and running, and can provide access to technology that might otherwise be too expensive. If you’re too small to have a full time IT staff member managing your network and computers, a managed service provider is the perfect solution for your small business.

2.      My Data is Secure

If you believe your data is secure because you have passwords and a firewall, you’re underestimating today’s hackers. With the rise in ransomware, malware, and trojan horses, your data is vulnerable from many different angles. The dangers of losing data, a network outage, and someone holding your information hostage goes beyond the inconvenience. Not only will your employees not be able to work, your customer’s data may be exposed. Then you must reveal that you experienced a hack and your customers may no longer trust you.

3.      I Have an IT Person, We Don’t Need an MSP

At the other end of the I’m too small spectrum, is the company with an IT person already handling their network and computers. Although they can handle the day to day needs and troubleshooting, they can’t effectively handle everything a managed service provider does. The ability to have your data regularly backed up in an off-site secure location is just one of the benefits using an MSP brings a business. That way, if your data is held for ransom, you can tell the hackers you don’t need it and then use the recovered files to continue your work. An MSP can also supply your hardware at a more affordable cost than your IT person can saving you money in the long run.

Although you may not think an MSP is a good solution for your business, once you really understand the benefits they bring, you may change your mind. If you’d like to learn more about Toucan Technology’s services, call us at 317-376-4874 and we’ll schedule a no obligation consultation about how our services can help your business.

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