We work with many small businesses and some have employees with both PCs and Macs. Many of the Mac users think they don’t have to follow company IT policies and standards because they mistakenly believe that Mac computers are impervious to viruses or hacking. This mistaken belief has led to many a crashed network and stolen data. Don’t believe these Mac myths.

Myth #1 – Macs Don’t Need Anti-Virus Software

As malware and viruses advance, no computer is impervious to attack. There was a time when because there were few Mac computers used in business, those with malicious intent didn’t waste their time targeting a small percentage of computers so they didn’t write viruses that targeted Macs. As their popularity in business and their capabilities have grown, the type and quantity of malware and viruses have grown exponentially. Here is a small sampling of security flaws in a Mac.

Myth #2 – My Network Firewall Protects My Machine

Your Mac doesn’t come with firewall turned on out of the box like a PC. We recommend activating it before connecting it to your network. One of the leading security threats is when you access your company’s network from a public network without a firewall enabled. Protect your computer and your company by enabling yours when you first turn it on.

Myth #3 – It’s Ok to Delay or Skip an Update

We understand that some of the operating system updates pushed out have come with issues. That’s true with PC’s as well. We also know that some people have their computers set up just as they like them and when the operating system update goes through, there are changes to their computer they don’t like. This is not a good reason to skip or delay an update. If your company has updating turned on, you should follow through as soon as you see your computer needs the update. Those updates close security flaws and other vulnerabilities in the system.

Don’t believe the Mac myths that they can’t get a virus or be hacked. If you have Mac computers on your network and you’re unsure if they’re leaving you vulnerable, Toucan Technology Group can help. We’re local and provide complete network services including helping you with your IT policies, system backup and ransom protection for all the machines on your system. Call today to learn more about our many services – (317) 376-4874.

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