Office 365 is an all-inclusive tool from Microsoft that provides collaboration, productivity and communication tools in one place. One of the other popular features is the calendar tool where multiple people can see a calendar and add to each other’s, especially handy when planning a meeting! Unlike Microsoft Office, you’re not buying a new license every time there’s a change and you don’t have to have one for every computer in your office. With these many benefits, you may be wondering how it could possibly save you money.

It’s a Subscription

Because you only pay for what you need each month, it flexes with your business. When you have extra staff during a busy season, you can pay for more licenses. Once you no longer need them, you don’t have to pay any more.

It’s Secure and Backed Up

If you store your data on each computer in your office, you should be backing them up in the event the computer dies or is lost or stolen. If it’s stolen, you may be concerned with what sensitive company or client information is on the machine. When you use Office 365, you don’t need to pay for backups and you don’t need to worry about the liability associated with a lost or stolen machine.

Plenty of Storage

Because you’re not limited to the drive on the machine, there’s plenty of storage capability. Again, you pay for what you need and that can change as your business grows.

Easy Access to Files

One of the biggest benefits is that you no longer have to “tunnel” in to your desktop, nor do you have to run back to the office to get a file. Because everything is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere by signing into your Office 365 account. Plus, when you have a team working on a project, there’s the option to collaborate on it and share notes easily. No emailing it back and forth, wondering who has the latest version. All the changes and versions are stored for easy reference by anyone with access to the document.

No Upgrade Fees

Unlike traditional Microsoft Office products where you may need to upgrade annually or whenever a new version comes out, you’re always using the latest version when you have a subscription-based service. And because you’re not paying for it up front, you don’t have to shell out a large fee in advance for all your licenses, even those not currently in use.

Easy Management

If you don’t have an IT person on staff, it’s easy for you or your mobile IT partner to help you add or delete users and create groups for collaboration among other features. Plus, the you can control the security of folders and documents with access restriction and passwords so only those who need to get into specific files or folders have access saving you time which saves money.

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