Virtually all businesses need temporary employees at some point. CPA firms gear up for their busy season early in the year. Some non-profits increase their staff in the last quarter every year to try to capture as many donations as possible. If your business received a new contract that’s going to require some additional staff temporarily, you may hire temps.

No matter when, how many or for how long, you need to work with your IT team – whether it’s in house or a managed service provider (MSP) when adding these team members. However, you’ll want to be careful in granting access. Temporary employees aren’t as vested and sometimes aren’t as careful as full time staff. Here are some things you’ll want to think about and work with your MSP on with temps.

Hardware & Software

When you grow your business, you need an additional computer for each team member, even if they’re just temporary. That means you’ll need your IT person to set up the computer and make sure that it has necessary software with proper licensing. If you don’t have an IT person on staff managing your software licenses, a managed service provider will benefit your bottom line as they manage your license and can make sure you have the right ones for each permanent and temporary staff member.


How much access do you want your temps to have? Your MSP might recommend limiting their access to only areas on servers and programs that they truly need. This will benefit you in the event they make a mistake or attempt something malicious. It will also benefit you by lowering your costs – if they don’t need access to a certain software, you won’t have to pay additional fees for the additional unnecessary license.


Of course, you’ll train your temporary staff on their job but you should include time with your IT team leader or MSP to train them on internet policies and IT security best practices. This is when having a written internet policy benefits your company. You can go over it verbally with the temps and then provide them written documentation and ask them to sign it when they come on board. It protects you and them.

If you don’t have an IT staff member (or they have too much to do to promptly bring on more staff) and aren’t working with an outsourcing company or managed service provider, call Toucan Technology Group. We can help you on-board your temporary staff and provide you with ongoing IT support for your whole team. Learn more about the benefits Toucan can bring your business by calling (317) 376-4874 or filling out our contact form today.

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