If you have a key system or PBX phone system in your office, it could be costing you business. Old phone systems are expensive to upgrade, maintain and grow. Sometimes you even have to replace the whole unit when you need another phone or phone line. If your phone provider proposed a costly upgrade or expensive new system, you may want to consider a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system instead.

Why Consider VoIP

VoIP technology offers several benefits over traditional key systems. First, they’re cost-effective and typically cost less than a traditional key system. Your ongoing monthly costs are less too because instead of separate phone service, you utilize your existing internet infrastructure. They’re also much easier to grow. Sometimes all you need is a little programming from the system manager, other times, a VoIP headset to connect to the computer. At most you’ll need some programming and a new desk phone.

Today’s workforce is highly mobile. One of the benefits of VoIP systems is that users can access their phone systems from anywhere with an internet connection or even cell phone service, whereas traditional key systems are location-dependent. And, when your VoIP system provider is also your MSP, it’s easy for them to maintain and troubleshoot, as they have fewer physical components and software updates can be easily installed.

Feature Rich & Easy to Use

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems offer all the features you use and rely on today with your traditional system. They also have many advanced features not possible with a key system. You can keep your current phone number with your new phone system. And, when the appropriate security measures are implemented, such as encryption and firewall protection, your calls are secure whether they’re taken on a traditional phone in the office or on a softphone by a staff member working from home.

Is Your Business Looking for a New Phone System?

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