Today most businesses do a lot via email. Some companies even send sensitive information electronically. If you don’t have the right tools – like email security – in place, you’re not only putting your business at risk, but potentially the people and other businesses you work with. Here are the top mistakes businesses make with their email.

Using Free Email Programs

The number of businesses who use or @hotmail or even @aol is astonishing. Yes, it’s free but is that the impression you want to give your potential clients? They may assume that because you’re too cheap to get an email address with your domain that you’re not going to have quality products or services. Worse than the impression you’re giving, you are much more vulnerable to hackers with a free email address than one provided with your domain.

Poor Passwords

Let’s assume that your team all has their own domain-based email. If you don’t have a password policy in place that can be enforced, your email security is virtually non-existent and you might as well be invited hackers into your business. Passwords should be memorable but not easy for hackers. Here are some tips to help you come up with a hard to hack password –

Not Using Encryption

Email encryption basically disguises the content of an email and helps ensure only the person who it is intended for can read it. It is a great form of email security for any business. However, it is especially important for businesses whose team members use public wi-fi networks like those in a hotel. When a hacker reads an unencrypted email message, they can take and use the information in it. Potentially more damaging, they can also attach malware and viruses to the email being sent without the sender or receiver knowing.

Downloading Emails to a Computer

Because most businesses use cloud-based email services now, this is not as big an issue. However, if you are still downloading your email to a computer, it can be detrimental to your business especially if that computer is hacked, dies or becomes infected with a virus. A cloud-based email service like Office 365, keeps your email securely on the cloud.

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