A managed service provider (or MSP) is an outside company who provides IT services for your business and may be a better option than hiring an IT staff member. Deciding if hiring an MSP or technology outsourcing company is better than a team member comes down to the size of your company, needs and your budget. If you’re currently using a drop-in computer repair company, an MSP might be the best next step. Here are some things most good MSPs do.

Provides Proactive IT Management

Your managed service provider won’t just fix things that go wrong, but work to implement tools to help prevent problems. A good MSP will make sure your network is secure, you have a good firewall and virus/malware protection and provide backup services.

Understands Your Industry Regulations

Not all industries or vertical markets have the same regulations regarding data, how long it must be saved or security. If you’re considering a managed service provider and you can’t find one who understands the rules governing your industry, you may be better off hiring a team member in house to handle the specifics.

Offers Options

Most MSPs offer both an hourly and retainer-based agreements. You may find that you want retainer services for regular day to day operational things but want to pay hourly when you add staff members. You want your technology outsourcing company to give you options so that their services meet your needs today and into the future.

Is Completely U.S. Based

Some MSPs, especially larger ones, have some U.S. based staff but the majority of the help desk employees are based overseas. This isn’t always ideal. The language barrier can be frustrating and, in some cases, problems can’t be solved over the phone and needs an in-person visit. This is when having a team that’s local to you benefits your company most.

Can Grow with You

As your business grows, you want an MSP who can help you manage your growth by recommending new technologies and services. Some technology outsourcing companies can act as your CIO as that becomes a need. Once you find a managed service provider who understands your business and its needs, you want to keep them so having a company ready to help you with that growth is ideal.

Toucan Technology Group is an Indianapolis based managed service provider. We don’t have anyone based outside of the U.S. so you never have to worry about a language barrier. If you’re interested in learning about our hourly or retainer-based services, call us at (317) 376-4874 or fill out our contact form.

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