The FBI and online security companies have noticed and alarming trend in 2021: much of the cyber crime in the United States happens over holidays. Pshishing and ending up with a computer virus isn’t your biggest issue anymore. Instead it’s hacking into networks to steal valuable company data and hold it for ransom. Cyber protection companies and the FBI are also noticing an uptick in false business and individual online activity, something they’ve dubbed Deep Fakes.

Hackers & Cyber Criminals Take Advantage of Your Vacation Time

Few small businesses have staff 24 hours a day. Even less have team members on call over the holiday weekends. Cybercriminals know this. That’s why they take advantage of holiday weekends and we see an uptick in cyber crime while we celebrate. That makes this time of year a time that you and your IT team should ensure that you have security measures in place to help prevent such attacks. If you don’t, your business may not make it into the new year unscathed.

Deep Fakes

A deep fake harms businesses because they often emulate an actual employee. Usually this is a higher up staff member. That employee may be made to appear doing something that can harm your brand image. Or you may receive an audio recording or even video of what seems to be a member of your staff in trouble requesting help. When you fall for these deep fakes, you end up losing money.

What You Can Do

Of course, making sure that you have the preventative measures in place. Things like a secure network, backups of your business data and policies and procedures implemented to protect your business and team. Next, don’t believe everything you see or hear. If you get a voicemail from a co-worker asking you to send money, don’t. Call them. Chances are good that they’re fine.

Don’t log on to your company computer in the airport or hotel unless your laptop is properly protected. Cybercriminals spend a lot of time on these very unsecured networks looking for their next victim because they know the payoff can be huge. Keep things updated. Software updates are often there to close holes that hackers have used to infiltrate company information.

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