There are few things businesses today rely on more than their email. It’s the primary tool for communication. Depending on the type of business you have, your leads or orders may come in through your email system. If you don’t have good email security, you may end up losing customers or losing business. So, what should you consider when it comes to your email system and its security? Here are some things you and your IT manager should consider.

Move Away from Server-Based Email

Server based email has many flaws. Of all the types of email, these have the most hacks, data breaches and failures. Afterall, if your server goes down, is damaged by water, or power is out, your email can’t be retrieved or responded to.

Insist on Encryption

If your mail server is breached and your email is encrypted, your data is safe. This means your customers private information remains private as the hacker can’t do anything with what they’ve stolen. In the case of industries with privacy regulations, this could keep you out of trouble with your regulators.

Have a Great Firewall

Your email security is only as strong firewall protecting it. You want a firewall system in place that scans all SMTP connections for malware. Ideally it should reject emails that come from blacklisted domains and flag those with suspicious content. SSL encryption aids in secure email transmission.

Train Your Staff

More email issues are the result of staff mistakes than just about anything else. Set up password regulations so that your staff has strong passwords in place and require them to be changed at least twice a year. Train them to identify and report phishing scams. Also let them know when you’ll be sending out an email with software or hardware updates so they don’t download anything malicious.

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