You may. Many businesses benefit from having both. Because every business has different technology needs, what is best for one business may not be right for another. However, if you have an in-house IT team member, we’re virtually sure that you are using some of the services a managed service provider (MSP) offers. Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions that may help you decide if you need an MSP and your IT staff.

What Does a Managed Service Provider Do That My IT Team Doesn’t?

Although some people think of an MSP as an outsourced IT staff member, a true managed services company does more than just troubleshoot and solve technology issues. Most also offer the following services:

  • Data backup
  • Network cyber security
  • Cloud based software solutions
  • Infrastructure management
  • Network design, testing and management

Some also offer services like VoIP phone systems, data recovery, website development and management and hardware sales and implementation.

How Do MSPs Offer Their Services?

Most managed service providers offer their customers the option of a retainer or hourly based services. There are also services that may be included in the retainer and then additional services they offer on a per job or per hour basis. For example, you may choose a retainer that includes data backup, software license management and cyber security. However, if you occasionally need edits to your website, you can choose to acquire those on an hourly basis rather than paying for a service you don’t continuously need.

Can I Afford Both?

You may find that having a managed service provider in addition to your IT staff actually saves you money. Because of their buying power with multiple customers, they may be able to get hardware and software at a lower rate than what you’re paying now. MSPs often know of solutions that small businesses aren’t aware of that could reduce overhead. If you currently have too much work for your staff member but not enough for two, they can save you on overhead from hiring someone else.

How Do I Know What is Best for My Business?

If you haven’t reached out to an MSP to learn more about their services and how they could help you, that’s the first step. Toucan Technology Group is an Indianapolis based managed service provider offering services on both retainer and an hourly basis. Let us share with you how we can help your business by calling (317) 376-4874 for your free consultation today.

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