One of the tasks small business owners struggle with the most is determining their software and hardware needs. If your business doesn’t have a dedicated IT staff member or Managed Service Provider (MSP) acting as your IT resource, you may end up spending more time and money than you need to on both hardware and software. Here are the steps we take to come to the right decisions regarding your hardware and software needs.

We Get to Know Your Business

A sales person on the phone or in a big box store has one thing in mind – their commission. That means they’re not going to sell you what you need, but rather what will make them the most money. When you have a company with no interest in commission based on the product you buy or lease, you’ll end up with what you need for the expected life of that machine.

We also take the time to learn how your business operates and the type of software that will most benefit you. As experienced IT professionals, we understand licensing terms and will advise you to purchase the right package for your needs. Again, without thought to commissions. Our goal is to help your business operate efficiently.

Not All Licenses Are the Same

One of the biggest ways we save companies money on their licenses is to make sure they have the right type of license. If your business has multiple shifts, you may not need a license for every user, you may need one for every active user which could save you thousands. Another way is that we know the packages available. Sometimes you may have just continued to add individual licenses over the years as you’ve grown when the right answer is to cancel the individual ones and switch to a package.

Sometimes the software itself has changed from a site based program where you purchased the product to cloud based where you lease it but receive updates continuously. If you’ve remained on the old platform, you may not be getting the most out of the software or you may be vulnerable to malware or cyber-crimes. As an IT professional we can evaluate what you have and help you make the right decision for your business.

Implement Security

Big box stores don’t provide business level security to machines. Only an MSP or IT team member can establish protocol that will keep your machines and business safe from malware, phishing and viruses. They can help you come up with a password protocol to help protect your business, data and employees.

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