As a small business, you may think that your desktops or laptops serve you well. You may even be backing up your data to a removable drive regularly and think that you’re doing all the right things. In reality, moving to cloud-based storage for documents and back up your data is actually better. Yes, it’s an additional monthly expense, but the benefits go far beyond the return you’ll see on that investment.

Cloud-Based Storage & Software Have Redundancies

You may think that just because you back up your important files on a drive that you’re protected, but in reality, you’re not. Hard drives aren’t invincible. They can become corrupt even without malware. What would happen if you dropped your backup device or it got wet? You may plan on getting a new one but then your laptop gets a virus and what happens to your business? When you use cloud-based solutions, like Office 365, your files, data and images are safe in the cloud. No need to worry about losing a laptop or malware. It’s protected. Not only can you use cloud-based solutions for documents and spreadsheets, but many software companies now offer their solutions as a cloud-based service in addition to desk top software.

It Grows & Changes with Your Business

As your business grows it doesn’t make sense to manually back up everyone’s machines. Plus, as you grow, you’ll likely need employees to collaborate and when your files are on the cloud, anyone with credentials can access them anytime from anywhere. If you’re using cloud-based software, you can quickly and easily add or remove licenses as necessary, you may find that the could-based solution actually saves you money.

Disaster Recovery

Cyber threats are real. And those looking to do harm don’t just target big businesses. Small businesses tend to be easier to infiltrate and install ransomware so a hacker may hit 100 small businesses asking for a modest sum and be more profitable than if they take the time to get into a big company’s database. Don’t leave your vital company’s data vulnerable. Use cloud-based solutions for data backup, software and communication and you’ll never have to worry about your business being threatened because your MSP can reformat your machines and restore everything back to how it was before the hack.

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