Trusting another person or business with your business’s technology is a big deal. You’re giving someone else a way into all your data and infrastructure. So, how do you know whom to choose for IT support in Indianapolis? Here are some key things to ask and look at before deciding.

1.      Where They Are Located

Admittedly there are some times when it doesn’t matter where your IT support comes from. However, in most cases you want to make sure the company you choose for IT support in Indianapolis has an office here. You don’t want to waste time speaking to a call center overseas when you need support in your office.

2.      Experience

Anyone these days can finish an online course and set up a website claiming to offer IT support in Indianapolis. However, you want a company who not only has the education, but also the experience handling matters similar to yours in an industry similar to yours. Do not be afraid to ask for references before you sign a contract.

3.      The Services You Need

Most businesses understand the importance of backing up their data, cybersecurity and a good network infrastructure. But what do you need from your IT support company? Are you looking for a managed service provider who can handle everything for you? Do you want someone who can provide quality hardware and setup and installation of that hardware? Have you considered transitioning to a VoIP telephone system? Make sure the company you choose can be the one call you need no matter what.

4.      Written Contracts

Most IT support companies provide a written contract that details your expectations and what and how they’re going to charge you. This protects both parties. Whether you’re looking for services on a monthly retainer or want hourly help, it’s to your advantage to sign an agreement stating what will be provided in the fees, what the response time is and what hours you have support.

5.      Support Ticketing System

Any established managed service provider will have a way for anyone in your company to request support. Most use a trouble ticketing system that asks for details of the issue. That also protects you and the IT support company. It helps them know what’s going on to assign the ticket to the right person as quickly as possible. And, you have a record of when the ticket was submitted so that you know whether the MSP is meeting their service promises.

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